An important point on grooming in The Leonberger by Guido Perosino is “grooming can be defined as ‘keeping the dog in good shape.’” He is referring to constant and periodical cleaning, brushing, as well as attention to the physical fitness of your dog. He goes on to say: “Periodical removal of the undercoat and all dead hair is essential to the aeration and health of the skin, as well as helpful to the growth of new young coat.

Show grooming requires a bit more attention—three or four days ahead begin with repeated brushings but no bath. On show days the brushing will be lighter. When you do bathe, take great care to dry the dog carefully and completely. Eyes and nose can be cleaned periodically with cotton dampened in lukewarm water. The ears need constant care. For showing the eyes and ears must be well cared for in order to not seem neglected. Teeth, too, need to be inspected regularly. They must be white, clean, and free of tartar. It is a good idea to wash the paws now and then with a disinfectant. If the interdigital hair is particularly thick you can cut it out with scissors, taking care not to wound the paw itself. The hair acts as a net to hold mud and snow, and hard lumps can cause pain. For showing, the paw hair should be trimmed with scissors so that the typical ‘cat’ shape of the foot can be seen. Nails should be clipped.