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We created this site in apreciation for our four legged companions that make our life being more happy and for their unconditional love they offer to us.

Gigant Mountaineer Elco

Gigant Mountaineer Elco

After long research activities, regarding dogs character, phisical constitution, colour, hair, resistance we considered that Leonberger is the perfect breed for us. A giant with a childish soul, robust, powerfull, yet elegant. Amongst all the breeders that we have contacted only one had puppies at that time. And was a very strong argument for that particular familiy was the fact that the puppies were born in the same day like my husband, Radu. It was imposible to miss that oportunity and we had to have THAT puppy!

ELCO, the youngest member of our family was born on 9th of January, 2008 at Veszprem, Hungary. We brought him home on 15th of March, 2008. At two month old, he weighted 12Kg (25Lbs.) All the family was keeping an eye on him 24/7, non-stop. Here, we must thank for our friends from Hungary for the good advices so as Elco grew up as a big and wonderful male.
At age of 4 month he weighted 35Kg.(70Lbs) and we participated for the first time at a contest. He did not have any emotions. He was so calm and pacient so that he stoped in the middle of the ring and turned himself upside-down to play with the referee. That was a nice moment! We chose not to run about contests, just for fun, and also to make his parents proud of him. That is why we promise to get as many first prizes as we can.

In Romania there are only a few Leonbergers. So, throughout this site we try to make this breed more popular and also to encourage people to have this kind of dogs.